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giving people access to l.a.m.b
This community is for people who don't have easy access to L.A.M.B or harajuku lovers clothing and for people who do and want to help their fellow lambies out.

L.A.M.B fans from countries outside the U.S can have a hard time getting L.A.M.B as it's not sold in that country, and websites charge more for the shipping than the goods themselves. L.A.M.B and Hl fans inside the U.S can also have a hard time having very limited stock in their areas.

The idea of this community is to find a buddy to pair/group with, who can buy the L.A.M.B/HL the person wants, in each case both buyers and people who purchase L.A.M.B on their behalf will need to have a feedback profile to view: E.g: ebay etc.

To join this community as a buyer or a purchaser of L.A.M.B
then e-mail a link to your feedback profile with your U/N and real name to lamb_buddies@hotmail.co.uk

Posts advertising what you're selling on ebay no doubt/gwen/hl/l.a.m.b related are welcome.

When posting for the first time as a purchaser of the l.a.m.b please copy and paste this form into your entry:


little about me:

link to my feedback:

I can purchase for you: (enter l.a.m.b/hl or both here, please specify if it's clothing perfume bags etc)

countries I will ship to:

payment methods I will accept:

no. of buddies I'll help:

FOR THE PROSPECTIVE BUYERS, please fill out this form and post it in an entry:


link to my feedback:

Items I'm looking for: (be general e.g HL handbags, l.a.m.b tees, don't be too specific in this part)

Methods I can pay by: